2021 Africa Webinar

Management of communication disease and vaccination


In most of the African countries vaccination is free for the population and provided by the government facilities but also some private facilities (vaccination for BCG , Tetanus, hepatitis B, measles, polio, HBP IPV)
Vaccination on the continent are provided whether in
• Fixed facilities : health centers, health posts, hospitals
• Mobile strategy for nomadic society and emerging region
• Through outreach

With the introduction of the Covid- 19 vaccin, countries have to focus on national coordination platform dealing with all the major issues :
• Service delivery
• Communication
• Logistics
• Pharmacovigilance
• Infection prevention, research & development, surveillance
• Capacity assessment & cold chain gaps
• Cold chain requirement & technology
• Emergency user introduction guideline
• Preparatory assessment
- Challenges in regards to
• Prequalification for emergency use
• Cold chain technology

While a lot of countries have done their epidemiological transition, there is a need for more preparedness to the next pandemic & to handle communicable diseases. Healthcare systems need to balance non communicable diseases & monitor closely communicable diseases

Africa is not the part of the world where density of population is the highest • Africa has to think differently from what happen from pandemic
• Africa has to learn that it has to depend on Africa itself
• Almost no country in Africa can use the MNRA vaccination because they are not prepared, they don’t have the infrastructure
- Africa has to develop its own vaccine & develop the capacity to develop& produce vaccine and other health products to be independent of international actors

There are resources in the African Union & from donors that could be allocated to support developing vaccines among other healthcare products instead of buying them. There is a need to focus on technology transfer to work towards less dependency

Africa needs to prepare its healthcare systems, vaccine R&D, build the infrastructures & capacities as well as be independent and weight in the balance and not wait for anyone to give the vaccine to its population


Attending Experts

Dr. Yahia Chebloune

PhD, HDR, Research Director, Laboratoire Pathogénèse et Vaccination Lentivirales